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My Box Can Chat
Saturday. 3.18.06 4:12 pm
wow havent written in nutang in forever ive recently have started writing in xanga but all of my xanga entrys are just stupid im bored and hyper entrys so they pretty much dont say anything important. life is pretty boring right now i mean nothing bad is happening which is good but also nothing exciting is happening either which is bad and so ya im pretty much bored with life right now but whatever ill just have to try to keep myself entertained until something exciting happens. well later days

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Sunday. 4.3.05 8:08 pm
i haven't written an entry on nutang for a long time and im really bored at this particular moment in time so im making an entry obviously but anyways so its spring break thank goodness even though its going to be really boring probaly. well im going to go try to find something to entertain myself with bye.

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Wednesday. 2.16.05 11:27 am
hey im in math right now im supposed to be working on the computers but im getting very frustrated because this problem is impossible. Im hungry cant wait until lunch. This reminds me of advisory when i used to always make entrys.

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Friday. 2.11.05 6:21 pm
hey hey hey this is an update if you want a real entry go on my xanga page http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=wnjacber

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Thursday. 1.27.05 6:21 pm
well i decided to write a new entry because i havent written one in a while not that it really matters cuz no one ever leaves comments or talks on my chatterbox i wouldnt be surprised if no one comes to my page at all. Well its thursday and im very excited that finals are over. I think that the only classs changing is my first period class im changing in to ms. rock. Im getting my hair cut today i think im going to get it cut to the top of my shoulders which is alot of hair actually scratch that i am not cutting my hair that short. Well have a good 3 day weekend everyone bye.

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Friday. 1.21.05 4:54 pm
ok i deleted my last entry because i felt like a retard even though i had so much fun making it. Hmmm its friday yay man i have so much homework to do but im just going to try to put it off for as long as possible. goodness im such i boring person i cant even think of anything to say well whatever bye

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